Avon Kings

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Avon Kings

Avon Kings
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Avon Kings is a children’s book author and composer based in Frankfurt, Germany.

Throughout her entire life, Avon has always loved children. Her natural affinity with young people and her talent for creative writing led her to pursue fiction for kids. She’s been a lively fixture in the world of literature for a while now and she’s made an incredible career by writing for young ones from all around the world!

Avon is passionate about creating an imaginary and magical world that children will love to dive into. In her work, she perfectly mixes engaging and fascinating content that has education at its heart. What makes her work stand out is that teaches her young readers about life and positive values within a fascinating world where they will enjoy every moment of it.

As a middle-aged author, Avon has a rich and extensive career behind her. However, she still finds challenges and inspiration in her work to keep her active and addicted to writing! From the moment that she took a pen to paper, she fell in love with the enchanting nature of writing and she’s never looked back since. 

At the moment, Avon is looking forward to a brand new chapter of her career. She is starting to write fun stories that she will eventually turn into audiobooks. In today’s world, podcasts and audiobooks have come to the forefront in the entertainment industry. People are listening to stories more than ever, and Avon is looking forward to entering this ever-growing market. Overall, she is excited to share her stories and imagination with brand new listeners, big and small!  

However, Avon isn’t just a writer. She’s also a talented and successful composer. Over the years, she has become increasingly passionate and interested in crafting songs for children. From writing the lyrics to composing the music, this is a different avenue for Avon to express herself and whisk children away on a magical journey! 

Avon has some exciting projects in the pipeline that she is planning to release to the public soon. She is combining her love for storytelling and her passion for songwriting and blurring the lines between lullabies and stories. Avon’s new works will help children fall asleep to relaxing music and beautiful stories that will send them off to their dream-world in no-time. So this is definitely a new project that both children and parents will appreciate. 

Currently, Avon is a self-publisher, which means she is involved in every aspect of her writing career. Avon enjoys the whole process of book publishing, from the creative conception of the story up until it’s distributed to her fans. By being a self – publisher. Avon also has the independence to write stories her way without having to follow anyone else’s rules. This has given her the opportunity to stay true to her artistic vision and reach out to children on an international level. 

Avon is a loving mother of two beautiful children. This means that she has first – hand knowledge of the type of stories that will keep children hooked. But also give them a lesson that will help them grow and develop in their lives.  

Don’t miss out on Avon Kings new books, narrations, and songs! Follow her on her socials to stay tuned for all the exciting new work that she will be releasing soon. 

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Want to find out more about Avon Kings and her amazing children’s stories? Head over to her website to learn more! 


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