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My Adventurous Bedtime Stories

Introducing My Adventurous Bedtime Stories by Avon Kings – the ultimate collection of captivating stories that will send little ones off to sleep with a smile on their faces! This collection of five thrilling tales promises to take children on an imaginative journey filled with magic, wonder, and adventure, all from the comfort of their own beds. With stories like Boomer’s Big Adventure, Bronco’s Big Break, Vita and the Great Big Roar, Magic Angel Dust, and Desert Flower, there’s something for everyone! So, if you’re looking for a fun and exciting way to send your little ones off to dreamland, look no further than My Adventurous Bedtime Stories by Avon Kings!

02_Boomers Big Adventure

Goodnight stories  Big Adventure
Boomers Big Adventure

03_Bronco’s Big Break

Race Horce Bedtime Stories
Bronco’s Big Break

Bronco’s Big Break

Looking for a heartwarming story that both children and adults will enjoy? Look no further than Bronco Takes a Vacation, the charming tale of a famous racehorse who just wants to take a break from the spotlight and spend time with his family.

As Bronco travels to his destination, he encounters all sorts of people who recognize him and want to take pictures and ask for autographs. But the real challenge comes when he meets Patty, a persistent reporter who just won’t give Bronco a break.

Despite his best efforts to relax and enjoy his vacation, Bronco finds himself constantly hounded by Patty’s questions and requests. But in the end, he learns an important lesson about standing up for himself and setting boundaries.

Bronco Takes a Vacation is a delightful story about the importance of rest and family time, and the challenges that come with fame and celebrity. With relatable characters and a heartwarming message, this book is sure to become a favorite for kids and parents alike. So why not pick up a copy today and join Bronco on his journey to a well-deserved break from the spotlight?

04_Vita and the Great Big Roar

Cute children Storie about a lion
Vita and the Great Big Roar

Introducing Vita, the courageous lion cub with a heart of gold. Despite her trust issues, Vita is determined to prove herself to the other lion cubs and earn their respect. Unfortunately, her inability to roar and the teasing from the other cubs only make things more difficult.

But with the help of her two loyal friends, Pengi and Ruth, Vita discovers the true meaning of friendship and the power of believing in yourself. Together, they embark on a journey of self-discovery and overcome obstacles, ultimately saving the day from a dangerous predator.

Vita’s heartwarming story will inspire children to embrace their flaws and celebrate their unique qualities. With charming illustrations and relatable characters, this book is a must-read for young readers looking to learn valuable life lessons. Join Vita on her adventure and discover the importance of friendship, courage, and self-acceptance.

05_Magic Angel Dust

Magic Angel Dust
Bedtime Stories
Magic Angel Dust


Join us on an exciting quest with the exuberant angel, Holly! She soars high above in her starry home and one day decides to visit planet Earth. What friends will she make here? Let’s find out together as we listen intently throughout this captivating tale about a little girl whose happiness lights up galaxies beyond our own!

06_Desert Flower

Once upon a time there was a girl her name was Jade. She lived in a small village. There was a story from an old man about a magic flower. The magician sometimes told the story in the evenings around the campfire. Listen to the story until the end and experience Jade's adventure and find out if the Magic Flower really exists.
Desert Flower


Once upon a time, there lived a curious girl named Jade. She resided in an idyllic village with old-world charm and captivating stories; Legends spoke of the Magic Flower said to hold powerful magic if one could find it at all. Every evening around the campfire, magician would tell tales from far away lands – adventures that seemed just out of reach for those who listened so intently by its light. Sail on young Jade’s journey as she discovers whether these enchanting flower truly exists!


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