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My Adventurous Bedtime Stories

Howdy Kids! How is your day goin? Is it going great? …. Amazing. Welcome to this audio book My Adventurous Bedtime Stories by Avon Kings. Are you excited about a new set of stories today? … Great!

My name is Maharani. And I am presenting you, my little viewers, five stories in this audiobook. Say along with me:

Track number 1: Boomers Big Adventure.

Track number 2: Bronco’s Big Break.

Track number 3: Vita and the Great Big Roar.

Track number 4: Magic Angel Dust


Track number 5: Desert Flower

The titles seem intriguing, right? Nod your heads if they did… Good! Now I cant wait to present each story to you younglings.

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Alright then. Let us begin. I’ll read you the book description of the story Boomers Big Adventure.

This is the story of a beautiful tiger family: Momma, Poppa, and our main character, Boomer, a cuddly cub.

Boomer loves to have fun and spend time with his best friend, Nelly, a gazelle that Boomer is fond of. All is well until the cub begins to show signs of aggression and anger when those close to him do not do what he wants.

His family and best friend love him very much, but Boomer does very annoying things, like disobeying his parents and destroying Nelly’s favorite toy, hurting her feelings.

This makes his parents worry about his behavior, and as they argue about what to do, Boomer overhears them and thinks that everyone will be fine without him, so he decides to run away from home.

On the way, he meets a very friendly bus driver, who takes him to a special place, a carnival, where Boomer is happy to see all those shows. However, he realizes that the shows are not fun being alone. He starts to miss his family and his friend, but he knows that he did wrong and decides not to go back.

In the midst of his loneliness, Boomer meets Joe, a juggling monkey who tells him that he went through the same thing when he was young and that for him taking up juggling worked because he could drain all his anger.

Boomer decides that this is what he wants to do too and returns home to say goodbye to his family and friends, but when he arrives, he realizes that everyone missed him and wanted him to stay with them.

As time goes by, Boomer learns to control his impulses and gets along with everyone, which makes him and everyone else very happy.

That was a small part of the story. Thank You so much for listening. But this is not an end. This is just a beginning, a teaser of an amazing journey you and I will be having together through this channel. If you have anything to say, comment below.

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see you soon

02_Boomers Big Adventure

Goodnight stories  Big Adventure
Boomers Big Adventure

03_Bronco’s Big Break

Race Horce Bedtime Stories
Bronco’s Big Break


Bronco is a very famous racehorse who gets a lot of media attention at every race.

One day he decides to take a vacation, and when he gets to the airport, he is happy to know that he will soon be with his family. Many recognize him and approach him to ask for autographs and photos, and he politely agrees.

Upon entering the plane, Bronco tries to take some rest, but the pilot announces that Bronco will be accompanying them and everyone celebrates having the honor of traveling with him.

Bronco’s worst nightmare is also on the plane: Patty, a gossip reporter who is a fan of Bronco and sits next to him as soon as she spots him.

Bronco just wants to rest a little, but Patty starts asking him many questions, and he decides to answer them. The rest of the trip goes on like this, and Bronco doesn’t sleep a wink.

When the plane finally lands, Bronco goes into a store to buy a toy for his daughter, and to his surprise, Patty had followed him and continues to ask him questions, making Bronco start to feel a little frustrated.

Then Bronco goes into another store to pick up some flowers for his wife, and Patty is still following him, asking him more and more questions. Bronco takes a taxi to go home, and Patty gets in the same taxi and continues to ask him questions.

When they get home, Bronco and Patty get out of the taxi and go to the house, and there Patty tries to impose herself to stay over for dinner; this makes Bronco react harshly, asking her to leave.

Patty realizes her mistake and apologizes to Bronco for upsetting him so much. Bronco apologizes and agrees to give her an interview when he returns to work. Bronco says goodbye to Patty and enters his house.

There, his wife and daughter are waiting for him. He gives them their gifts and is happy that he can finally get some rest. His daughter asks him questions about his day, and he kindly asks her to let him rest for a while, and then he will answer them. His daughter understands and accepts.

04_Vita and the Great Big Roar

Cute children Storie about a lion
Vita and the Great Big Roar

Vita is a friendly lion cub with trust issues. She has a hard time talking and roaring. That is why the other lion cubs make fun of her and do not want to be her friends.

Luckily, Vita has two good friends, who also have their own flaws, which makes them have something in common. Pengi is a cheetah who doesn’t run fast, and Ruth is an African wild dog who is not colorblind.

One day, Slip, a mean lion cub, challenges Vita to a roaring contest to prove who is the best. Vita loses in front of all the other lion cubs and, embarrassed, flees to The Rock, a secret place where she usually meets her two best friends.

There she tells them what just happened with Slip, and because of their great friendship, Ruth and Pengi help her practice a better roar. They try many ways, but nothing seems to work.

At that moment, Slip and other lion cubs arrive at the secret place after having followed Vita. They start making fun of Vita for not being able to roar despite trying different ways to do it; they make fun of Pengi for not running fast; they make fun of Ruth for not being colorblind like the rest of her species.

At that moment, a black Mamba arrives on the scene and threatens to engulf all the cubs. Frightened, they all tremble with fear, so Slip roars out trying to help, but this only makes the Mamba mock him.

Suddenly, prompted by one of the lion cubs, Vita plucks up her courage and, for the first time, roars as no lion has ever roared before. She scares the Mamba away, saving her friends.

The lion cubs apologize to Vita and thank her for saving their lives; Slip asks Vita to teach him to roar like that.

05_Magic Angel Dust

Magic Angel Dust
Bedtime Stories
Magic Angel Dust


Once upon a time there was a little angel girl who was very happy to live among the stars. Her name was Holly, and she lit up the cosmos without having to shine like the sun: One day she visits Earth and finds many friends there.

Let’s experience Holly’s adventure together in this audio story.

06_Desert Flower

Once upon a time there was a girl her name was Jade. She lived in a small village. There was a story from an old man about a magic flower. The magician sometimes told the story in the evenings around the campfire. Listen to the story until the end and experience Jade's adventure and find out if the Magic Flower really exists.
Desert Flower


Once upon a time there was a girl her name was Jade. She lived in a small village. There was a story from an old man about a magic flower. The magician sometimes told the story in the evenings around the campfire. Listen to the story until the end and experience Jade’s adventure and find out if the Magic Flower really exists.


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