The Goodnight Bear

Miko, the little bear, is eager to play. Anything becomes a way to have fun, running and jumping. Every day is a new opportunity to enjoy! He never gets tired, and he is always hungry!

He also wants to keep playing at bedtime, which is a problem because sleep is essential for everyone. But that changes when Mama Bear comes up with a spectacular idea. She tells him a beautiful secret that Miko did not know before.

The secret is that there is a magical being, called the Goodnight Bear, who only visits little ones who go to bed to sleep and takes them on extraordinary adventures to many places and worlds beyond our own. What a magical journey!

This idea excites Miko very much, and with much emotion, the little bear lies down to sleep. Minutes pass, and nothing happens. Miko feels very anxious. When he starts to fall asleep, he makes an effort not to because he wants to witness that magical friend’s visit.

Finally, the wait is rewarded. An intense breeze floods into Miko’s bedroom, and instantly the Goodnight Bear enters Miko’s bedroom, and to his great joy, invites him to a wonderful adventure.

Flying through the clouds, the two bears finally land in a distant place. But they don’t land on earth, they land on an incredible l ship where the long-awaited adventure will take place. There, Miko must help Goodnight Bear save the life of a good friend, a beautiful sea turtle that was trapped in many ropes.

After returning from the adventure, Miko tells his mother what happened, and she is delighted to hear that her son had a great time in his dreams. Excitedly, Miko is already looking forward to another night to go to sleep and have new adventures. Accompany Miko on his adventures with the Goodnight Bear!

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