Vita and the Great Big Roar


Vita is a friendly lion cub with trust issues. She has a hard time talking and roaring. That is why the other lion cubs make fun of her and do not want to be her friends.

Luckily, Vita has two good friends, who also have their own flaws, which makes them have something in common. Pengi is a cheetah who doesn’t run fast, and Ruth is an African wild dog who is not colorblind.

One day, Slip, a mean lion cub, challenges Vita to a roaring contest to prove who is the best. Vita loses in front of all the other lion cubs and, embarrassed, flees to The Rock, a secret place where she usually meets her two best friends.

There she tells them what just happened with Slip, and because of their great friendship, Ruth and Pengi help her practice a better roar. They try many ways, but nothing seems to work.

At that moment, Slip and other lion cubs arrive at the secret place after having followed Vita. They start making fun of Vita for not being able to roar despite trying different ways to do it; they make fun of Pengi for not running fast; they make fun of Ruth for not being colorblind like the rest of her species.

At that moment, a black Mamba arrives on the scene and threatens to engulf all the cubs. Frightened, they all tremble with fear, so Slip roars out trying to help, but this only makes the Mamba mock him.

Suddenly, prompted by one of the lion cubs, Vita plucks up her courage and, for the first time, roars as no lion has ever roared before. She scares the Mamba away, saving her friends.

The lion cubs apologize to Vita and thank her for saving their lives; Slip asks Vita to teach him to roar like that.

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