Boomer’s Big Adventures

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This is the story of a beautiful tiger family: Momma, Poppa, and our main character, Boomer, a cuddly cub.

Boomer loves to have fun and spend time with his best friend, Nelly, a gazelle that Boomer is fond of. All is well until the cub begins to show signs of aggression and anger when those close to him do not do what he wants.

His family and best friend love him very much, but Boomer does very annoying things, like disobeying his parents and destroying Nelly’s favorite toy, hurting her feelings.

This makes his parents worry about his behavior, and as they argue about what to do, Boomer overhears them and thinks that everyone will be fine without him, so he decides to run away from home.

On the way, he meets a very friendly bus driver, who takes him to a special place, a carnival, where Boomer is happy to see all those shows. However, he realizes that the shows are not fun being alone. He starts to miss his family and his friend, but he knows that he did wrong and decides not to go back.

In the midst of his loneliness, Boomer meets Joe, a juggling monkey who tells him that he went through the same thing when he was young and that for him taking up juggling worked because he could drain all his anger.

Boomer decides that this is what he wants to do too and returns home to say goodbye to his family and friends, but when he arrives, he realizes that everyone missed him and wanted him to stay with them.

As time goes by, Boomer learns to control his impulses and gets along with everyone, which makes him and everyone else very happy.

An excerpt from the story

Audiobook MP3

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful family of tigers who lived happily. Boomer was the son, and Momma and Poppa loved him very much.

Every morning, Boomer played in the forest because he loved nature, the outdoors, and having fun, especially with Nelly, a gazelle who was his best friend. She enjoyed Boomer’s company.

“What are we going to do for fun today, Boomer?” asked Nelly one day.

“I don’t know, Nelly. Maybe we can go to the river to see the fish and the butterflies,” Boomer replied.

“Sounds great! Let’s go!” said Nelly.

The two friends ran through the trees until they came to the beautiful river. There, the birds were quietly bathing on the shore and warming up under the sun.

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