Babi and the Nightmare Knight

Nightmares! Everyone at some point in their lives has had a nightmare. There is no need to deny it because it is not shameful but something natural and habitual. It doesn’t matter if you are a child or an adult, nightmares affect us all equally.

         They are those terrible dreams that transport us to an imaginary world, where many things can happen, sometimes very frightening. They can be varied and depend on each person. Undoubtedly, a scary experience, but the good thing is that nothing of what happened in the dream is real when you wake up.

         Even so, there are people who have an immense fear of having nightmares, as you are staring your worst fears in the face, with no possible escape. You can’t escape from your mind; you can only be brave and face it, just like our cute little kitten did.

         In this magical story, we meet Babi, a cowardly kitten who loves to play with her friends in the bright sunlight. However, when night falls, she gets very scared because her peaceful sleep turns into a frightening nightmare.

         That’s when her father gives her a magical and wonderful toy that can protect her during the night:

The Nightmare Knight. Together, they will live incredible brave adventures.

         Each of us has that something that helps us to be brave and fight against our bad dreams. It may be our favorite teddy bear, our mum’s hug, or our favorite action hero, but we all have something that protects us. We all have our own Nightmare Knight that reminds us that bravery is within us.

         Join Babi on this adventure to regain her courage and make a great friend in the magical world of dreams!

The Nightmare Knight

Babi and the Nightmare Knight Audiobook

Babi and the Nightmare Knight

eBook /Hörbuch

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